Awantika & Akash dubey

Awantika and Akash Dubey are a fabulously talented brother and sister duo from Khajuraho, who have been performing since childhood presenting music, songs, dance and choreographies at National and International Festivals and Events. Often thought of as “Krishna & Subhadra” they easily win the hearts of their audiences with their mutual love and the easy way in which they present even the most complex of compositions together.
Khajuraho is the world heritage site of temples sculpted with incredible art including figurines depicting music and dance. Awantika and Akash aim to ensure high quality heartfelt music remains alive and well in Khajuraho and the world. To this end they have set up and run a music and dance school, the Nrityanjali Cultural Centre of Khajuraho where they teach and coach local, national and International students.

Latest news

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